Lily Bird Studio affiliate program

Become a Lily Bird Studio Sewing Patterns affiliate and earn your commission when you tell your friends, family, followers or readers about our patterns!

  • 10% commission

  • 15 days cookie policy

  • Auto approved commission


How does it work?

  1. Create your Lily Bird Studio affiliate program account. You will be assigned a unique affiliate link and coupon code that will be tracked.

  2. Share your affiliate link or coupon code in any page or product from via social media, whatsapp, email, blog, forums, etc. You’ll receive a commission of 10% of all sales made when a customer reaches through your affiliate link and purchases within within 15 days.


What do you need to apply:

  • a verifiable email address.

  • a PayPal account for you to receive your payments.


About earning commissions

You will earn commission over a sale when:

  • customers not into the referral program (not an affiliate)  make a purchase using your referral link or coupon.


You will NOT earn commission over a sale when:

  • you buy through your own referral link/coupon
  • you buy through referral link/coupon of other affiliates


Tracking cookies 

  • Affiliate tracking cookie expires in 15 days.


Payment Terms

Payments totals of more than $20 will be made monthly by the end of the following month, otherwise payout will be held and sent the next month.



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